Woman who found Jayme Closs honored for achievement in social work

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The woman who helped lead Jayme Closs to safety was honored by the state of Wisconsin for her dedication and work as a child welfare worker, according to the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families.

Jeanne Nutter was among six people to receive the 2019 Caring for Kids award.

In January, Nutter was walking her dog when Jayme approached her. Jayme had just escaped the home in the Town of Gordon where she was being held captive. Nutter, who is a former child protective services worker, told FOX 9 at the time that her training immediately kicked in.

"I did what any good social worker would do and what I would hope any human being would do - help a child in need no matter the circumstances were," said Nutter in a January interview. 

Nutter brought Jayme to a nearby neighbor’s house, where they called police.