Woman seeks owners of wedding photos after memory card found in Minnesota

Imagine losing the pictures from one of the happiest days of your life: your wedding.

More than 300 wedding photos are on a memory card found in the south metro early last week. Now, a Twin Cities woman is on a mission to find the bride and groom

As a professional event photographer herself, Joy Adams has captured her fair share of special moments.

But the snapshots she's been preoccupied with lately didn't come from her camera.

"If it was my wedding or if I was the photographer who lost the card, I'd want someone to do the same thing for me," Adams said.

Early last week, one of Adams' relatives found an 8 GB memory card at a park in Burnsville.

On it were several hundred wedding photos at an unknown location, which appears to be on a golf course. Adams is determined to return them to the bride and groom who are unidentified, as well.

"Some are outside on the golf course with the bridesmaids and groom. Others are of the dance and the groomsman. A lot of the flower girls dancing...they are cute and precious photos," Adams said.

After a check of golf courses in Minnesota led to a dead end, Adams turned to social media to see if someone recognized the venue or the newlyweds.

Her post has been shared more than 800 times, and someone who commented traced the wedding to a national venue chain based in Louisville, Kentucky.

But Adams believes the June 10th nuptials actually happened at their location in Fort Worth, Texas.

"I'm getting messages from people on Facebook saying, 'I shared this in a photographer's group,' and I'm like who are you? It’s definitely powerful and you can use it for powerful things," Adams said.

But Adams believes the best wedding present the couple could receive would be knowing they have all the photos from their special day.

"Hopefully we can find the bride and groom or at least the person who took the photos so they can get their photos back, their memory card back. It's a happy, precious day," Adams said.

Adams said one of the pictures had the letters "D" & "F" on it, which she believes could be the first letters of the couple's first names.

Adams also says the venue in Texas reached out to the couple they believe the pictures belong to, but so far she hasn't heard back.