Woman remains hospitalized after Shakopee crash, bystanders render aid

Nineteen year old Lexy Salinas is in the hospital with severe injuries after she was involved in a midday crash Wednesday on County Road 18 in Shakopee.

Police say the pickup she was riding in rear-ended a parked seal coat truck that was paving an adjacent bike path. 

An ex-fire fighter, Rick Oakes, happened upon the scene shortly after the crash and started first aid, beginning chest compressions through the truck's broken windshield and yelling at her to "stay with us."

“We saw something fly across the road four blocks up, and it was the rearview mirror on her side,” Oakes aid.  

When Oakes and the two others he was driving with pulled over, they realized Salinas was trapped inside and not breathing. 

Riley Radermacher, who was riding with Oakes, started checking on other people involved in the crash while also helping with the young woman. Radermacher said he wrapped a shirt around Salinas' head to keep her up, though by the time they got there she was not breathing.

Medics arrived and took Salinas by helicopter to the hospital, where her family says she is unconscious and will need surgery.

Police say alcohol and drugs were not factors in the crash. They also do not believe the driver was texting, but the cause is under investigation. 

There is a GoFundMe set up if you’d like to help with medical expenses.