Woman accused of delivering bribe in Feeding our Future case appears in court

The Seattle woman accused of delivering a bribe to a juror in the Feeding our Future trial appeared in court on Thursday.

Ladan Ali pleaded not guilty in federal court Thursday afternoon. Ali will remain free on a personal recognizance bond with conditions, including limited travel to Minnesota.

Ali is one of five people charged in an alleged conspiracy to bribe Juror 52 with $120,000 in exchange for returning a not-guilty plea.

Said Farah, Abdiaziz Farah, and Abimajid Nur, who were defendants in the initial trial, along with Abdulkarim Farah and Ali, face charges related to this bribery attempt. The jury in the original case was sequestered after the incident, and the bribed juror was dismissed.

The initial Feeding our Future trial involved accusations of fraud against several individuals. Abdiaziz Farah was convicted on 23 counts, and Nur was convicted on 10 counts. Said Farah, though acquitted of all charges in the original case, is now back in federal custody due to these new charges.