Wisconsin town mourns loss of four neighbors during recent shooting

A tight-knit Wisconsin community came together to grieve Sunday evening in the wake of a shooting, honoring the lives of four victims and all those affected by the tragedy.

The vigil, held at Kennedy Park in Weston, Wis., caps off a heartbreaking week for the small town.

Wednesday’s incident reportedly began with a dispute between the suspect, 45-year-old Nengmy Vang, and his estranged wife in what Everest Metro Police are calling a domestic incident.

The first two victims, 67-year-old Dianne look and 62-year-old Karen Barclay, were killed inside the Marathon Savings Bank where they both worked, police say.  From there, Vang took off to a nearby law firm, targeting his third victim, attorney Sara Quirt San.

In a standoff at the Aspen Street Apartments complex on Ross Avenue in Weston, Everest Metro Police Department Detective Jason Weiland, 40, was killed as well.

"Jason was a phenomenal officer,” Everest Metro Police Chief Wally Sparks said. “He was part of our family, so it's difficult."

Vang’s estranged wife was not hurt during the shooting and police are calling it an isolated incident.

While the motivations behind the incident are unclear, the devastation felt in the small community of Weston is anything but.