West metro homeowners demand justice, saying contractor swindled them

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Dozens of people in the west metro are demanding justice, claiming a contractor swindled them out of thousands of dollars by never finishing the jobs he was hired to do.

Several families say they handed over thousands of dollars to renovate their homes only to encounter their worst nightmare.

Back in April, Ryan Lindfors hired a local contractor to finish his basement. He said he shelled out more than $38,000 and the company, Crossroads Remodeling, started the work but never finished and never gave him a refund.

“It was multiple excuse after excuse after excuse,” he said. “I feel like someone stole from me.”

According to a search warrant, Lindfors is among more than 30 families across the metro accusing Crossroads Remodeling of ripping them off and leaving their homes in shambles.

One group estimates that the operator of the business, Richard Wooton, got away with more than a half million dollars.

“It sucks because I usually smell that type of stuff; I smell the B.S. from someone real quick, but I didn’t fully get that from him,” Benjamin said.

When Fox 9 reached out to Wooten by phone, there was a message informing callers that Crossroads Remodeling is no longer in business.

“He liked to flaunt his sports cars, his jet skis, his four-wheelers, his equipment, his home all over Facebook and then suddenly he runs out of money…well where did it go?” Lindfors asked.

According to court documents, that’s exactly what authorities intend to find out.

“I want to see him go to jail. At the end of the day that’s what I want to see is for him to go to jail for   stealing from us, stealing from all of the other families,” Lindfors said.