Website ranks Minnesota as state with the most miserable winter

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2016 Minnesota Winter | Christine Fagerlie

If you've been outside lately, there's no doubt it's cold and Minnesotans aren't rookies when it comes to winter.

A popular travel website ranked every state by how miserable its winters are and guess who came in the top spot? Minnesota.

Thrillist writers, Kevin Alexander and Matt Lynch, grew up in the Midwest and New England, where they’ve experienced long winters.

The two looked at weather patterns, average temperatures, and how effective and quickly states department of transportation clears highways. They also interviewed locals and the historical success rates of winter-season sports teams.

Here’s what they had to say about Minnesota, “Parts of northern Minnesota see up to 170in of snow in a winter. One hundred seventy inches! That’s like two and a half times the height of Kent Hrbek!! It can get down to -60 degrees, a temperature at which frostbite can occur in fewer than five minutes.” "Your sports teams never win championships. All of your good high school hockey players end up starring for NHL teams in other cities. Ice fishing can't be that cool, really."

Michigan took the second spot, Alaska came in number three and North Dakota number four.

The states with the least miserable winters probably come as no surprise... Hawaii, Arizona and California.