Water main break closes Annunciation School in Minneapolis

Classes ended early Monday due to a water main break that flooded Annunciation School in Minneapolis.

School leaders dismissed classes at 11 a.m. Just hours later, officials notified parents that school would be canceled on Tuesday as well. 

A video posted on Instagram showed water running down a staircase as well as into what appeared to be a library.

The break sent water, gravel and some sewage shooting out of pipes and drains for hours. 

"I have dealt with a lot, a lot of different things, but this is a first," said Principal Jennifer Cassidy. "One of my colleagues said they probably didn't train you for this in grad school and I said, no, they did not." 

Cassidy said the school day was off to a "great start" when she heard some kids rumbling downstairs. She peaked around the corner and saw water flowing down the hallway." 

The principal was told a road crew hit a sewage line nearby, causing the flooding. 

Becuase it was a sunny day, teachers had the students go out to the playground while they assessed the damage. 

The lower levels of the school got the worst of it, including their newly-renovated gym. Those areas will be flushed and replaced. 

"It was kind of hard to see one of our beautiful new spaces going through some damage and needing to be re-done," Cassidy added.

Nobody was hurt in the situation and students were taken out of the building fast enough so they only had limited contact with the water. 

The cleanup will continue Tuesday, but classes for most students are cancelled. 

Tuesday, the preschool will be open with Kinderstart in their regular classrooms and Discovery in the community room.