Waconia, Minn. couple pleads for return of stolen ashes

A Waconia, Minnesota couple is pleading for the return of their mother’s ashes, after the remains were stolen in a car break-in Wednesday night.

Michael Saice says the box containing his mother-in-law’s remains was gone when he came out to his car Thursday morning. The car was rummaged through and other personal items—including his wallet—were taken.

“That was literally the last piece I have of her,” said Trina Saice. “She fought hard and long and beautifully right until the end and so this is just a garbage way for this to go down.”

Saice’s mother, Linda Brinkman, lost her battle with cancer in 2008. Trina and Michael were keeping her remains in the car, as they have been living with friends.

“It was the safest place for it—or we thought it was,” said Trina. “We wouldn’t lose it for not being able to pay our storage bill. It wouldn’t get ruined by being exposed to the elements and it was with us all the time.”

The Saice family says although they’ve never stolen anything, they are sympathetic to the desperation that may have led the thief to break in to their car.

“We’ve been homeless, we’ve lived in a hotel,” said Trina. “We know what it’s like to literally not know where the next meal is coming from.”

The couple is asking that the ashes be left on the hood of their SUV, or left at the Waconia Police Department.

“I won’t ask a single word, I don’t care what your name is. I just want my mom back,” said Trina.

The ashes are in a black plastic box and have the Linda Brinkman’s name and White Funeral Home printed on the outside. The car was parked off  East 13th Street in Waconia at the time of the break-in.