Volunteers bring 'Best Christmas Ever' to struggling families

A local charity is making some families holiday season a little brighter.

“The Best Christmas Ever” provides families who have gone through tough times, with gifts.

This year, they’re helping out 24 families.

Co-founder, Jason Kunz started the movement in 2011 with the goal to give one family the “best Christmas ever.”

People from around the metro and across the state can submit nominations and businesses sponsor the families that are chose.

"The gifts we provide are very specific." Kunz said.

Gifts like dishes help to set up struggling families. 

“We can't say thank you enough.” One family said.

"Single mom of 4 kids, no furniture and we're getting her a washer dryer, new fridge, kitchen appliances and even a new TV." Kunz said.

Best Christmas ever has become a huge network of people who can give in big and small ways.

"The reason we are able to grow is because people join the cause." Kunz said.

Click here for more information on BCE or send an email to BCEmovement@gmail.com