Vigil held in St. Paul for quadruple murder victims found in Wisconsin cornfield

All four victims were found left in a corn field in rural Dunn County, Wisconsin.

Following the news that two arrests have been made, they know who. Now, the family of Nitosha Presley wants to know why and how.

"It's clear that someone knows something and for those who know something, speak up and speak out," said Damone Presley, Sr., the victim's father. "It doesn't make no sense. There is no motive. There is no comprehension."

Coming together in prayer, they held a memorial vigil for the 30-year-old mother who was one of four people shot dead in an SUV in Dunn County, Wisconsin on Sunday afternoon.

St. Paul Police Chief Todd Axtell, Public Safety Commissioner John Harrington, and Mayor Melvin Carter all shared their personal connection to the family. Axtell said he has known the Presley family for more than 30 years.

It's still unclear where the murders took place, but Axtell vowed justice would be served if they did happen in his city.

"I can tell you, if we determine this crime happened in St. Paul, everyone in our department and community will be rolling up their sleeves to bring justice to these families," said Axtell.

Authorities tell FOX 9 there are still many moving parts in the investigation and questions to be answered. While he wants and needs to know what happened to his daughter, Presley's father knows those answers will never really explain such a heinous crime.

"There's no rationalization, justification, any excuse, or outrageous nonsense that you could come up with why and when and how you killed my child," said Presley, Sr.

A vigil for victim Loyace Foreman is planned for Sunday afternoon. A funeral for Presley is scheduled for Wednesday.