VIDEO: Minneapolis woman survives being hit by car on Lyndale Avenue

A Minneapolis woman is hoping others learn from her mistake after she crossed a busy street during rush hour and was hit by a car. People in the area of Lyndale Avenue S and 25th Street say it's been a problem intersection for years.

Carmelita Brown says she now regrets her decision to cross Lyndale Avenue S during rush hour on Jan. 22. Surveillance video taken near the area shows she was first nicked by a car making a turn, then quickly became trapped in the middle of four lanes of traffic. She made it across three lanes before she ran into the path of an oncoming car.

“I remember going through the windshield and I remember telling myself to close my eyes because I could hear glass around and I could hear [the driver] screaming as I went through her windshield,” Brown says. “I remember thinking ‘Oh my God, I hope I survive this’.”

Brown suffered a head injury, a broken elbow and an injury to her knee and admits she was in the wrong.

Fouad Elharfaoui, owner of Loon Grocery, says the nearest crosswalks are a block down in either direction and too many people are tempted to jaywalk to get to his store.

“Since I’ve been here, I’ve seen more than 15-20 accidents caused by this intersection,” Elharfaoui says.

Police say drivers do have a tendency to speed through that stretch of Lyndale Avenue and while pedestrians do have the right of way, the responsibility is still on them to really look.

“Slow down when you are driving [and] use your best judgement whether you are a pedestrian or on a bike,” Todd Loining, an inspector with the Minneapolis Police Department 5th Precinct, says.

Brown says she's warning others to think twice because of what she went through. She's hoping at the very least drivers and pedestrians will take the extra time to look out for one another.

“That's a very dangerous intersection,” Brown says. “I wouldn’t have anyone walking there; your life is at risk.”

Despite her being in the wrong, Brown says she recalls the driver looking down and believes she may have been texting while driving. The driver was ultimately not ticketed. Brown says she hopes to be able to return to work by next week.