VIDEO: China Wins The Battle Of The Worst Traffic Ever

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When it comes to traffic, we here in Atlanta tend to believe we have it pretty bad. Referring to ourselves as the LA of the south, we know if you're on the roads between the times of 6:30 a.m. and 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. and really any other time in between you're probably going to be stuck in traffic.

Your odds go up even more if there is a Braves/Falcons/Hawks game or some weather or say if its a holiday weekend. But my peach loving friends it's time for us to suck it up and give our traffic crown to our friends across the ocean in China. They have our puny traffic jams beat. 

This past week, thousands of drivers returning from the country's Golden Week holiday, found themselves in a horrific parking lot on the G4 Beijing-HongKong-Macau Expressway as 50 lanes of traffic merged down to a just a few so the cars could get through a toll plaza and new checkpoint. The below video is unbelievable! 

This is not the first time China has had horrific traffic disasters. According to, back in 2010 a 74 mile long gridlock left drivers stranded for 12 days. Yes days!! And then China's decision to allow free travel during Golden Week in 2012 backfired and turned 24 highways in massive parking lots leaving 85 million people stranded in their cars. 

Although getting stuck in traffic, no matter where you live is never a good thing. Knowing someone has it a little worse than we do can kind of ease the pain of our afternoon gridlock. Kind of but not really. Drive safe my friends.