Veteran swims entire Mississippi River to honor fallen heroes

A U.S. Navy combat veteran is swimming the entire length of the Mississippi River to honor the fallen heroes that have left spouses and family members behind during the Global War on Terror, and is currently making his way through Minnesota.

Chris Ring's mission is sponsored by Legacies Alive, a nonprofit organization based in Pennsylvania, as part of their "Swim For Their Sacrifice" challenge. The organization was created "to provide unwavering support to families of the fallen by ensuring the legacies of our fallen heroes are forever alive."

Ring began his journey on June 6 at Lake Itasca in Minnesota, he's expected to reach the Gulf of Mexico on December 12, while averaging about 14 miles per day.

"He will be swimming 2,552 miles, which is the number of selfless spouses whose husband or wife laid down his or her life for our Country," Legacies Alive wrote on their website. "As he becomes the first American to swim the entire length of the Mississippi, he will bring attention to the legacies of our fallen heroes."

During the swim, Ring will unite and connect with families of the fallen along the Mississippi River. Funds raised will go directly to support the families and to projects that will memorialize their loved ones in their hometowns.

"Meeting these families and the strength for what they've gone through and are going through, it fuels me day to day to keep going," Ring said.

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