Va. teen lifts burning truck off dad, saves family

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Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department

A Vienna teenager lifted a burning truck to save her father’s life, and she is being recognized for her heroic actions.

Charlotte Heffelmire’s father was working on his truck Nov. 28 when he got pinned underneath. To make matters worse, gasoline spilled and a fire was ignited.

Heffelmire managed to lift the truck twice to get her father free and pulled him to safety.

Once her dad was out, Heffelmire climbed into the truck, which was still on fire, and drove it on three wheels from the garage.

She then closed the garage door to help contain the fire and went into the house to get everybody out, including her sister’s baby.

After calling 911, Heffelmire went into the garage and used a garden hose to try to stop the fire.

According to Fairfax County Fire and Rescue, her quick actions saved six lives and prevented further spread of the fire.

Heffelmire was presented with a Citizen Lifesaving Award on Thursday.