Twin Cities residents prepare for another blast of winter weather

Just as parts of Minnesota were beginning to thaw out, Mother Nature is preparing to unleash another round of winter weather. 

Dozens of school districts across the Twin Cities metro area and north of the metro canceled classes Sunday night ahead of Monday’s storm. 

“There’s a lot of snow coming, five to nine inches,” Kelly Diemst told Fox 9 as she prepared for the winter storm. 

“It’s kind of a dread knowing that more snow is coming,” said Matt Cuate, another Twin Cities resident.  

Even before the snow is set to begin Monday morning, rain is expected to start overnight.

Some Twin Cities residents prepared for the winter storm by filling up on windshield wiper fluid, as they brace themselves for what will be a slippery and slow Monday commute. 

“Every year we always think March, you start getting the nice weather and the fertilizer starts coming out at the stores and you think we’re into spring, but there’s always last minute surprises,” said Rahe Riazi as he prepared for the storm. 

At Bobby and Steve’s towing in Minneapolis, it was the calm before the storm. 

“We’re a little nervous, but I’m sure we’ll make it through,” said Michelle Kretzmann with the towing company. 

The towing company will bring in additional staff to cover the roads and the phones. 

“We’ll have extra guys in trucks as well as extra people in dispatch to handle all the call volume, making sure people aren’t waiting too long and getting to motorists as soon as we can,” Kretzmann said. 

Road crews are preparing for what is expected to be a long day. With piles of snow blanketing much of the metro, many Twin Cities residents hoped that the most recent blast of winter weather was the last. 

“I honestly thought we were done,” said Cuate. “It’s a little sad that it’s not.” 

“I’m as ready as I will be—hopefully this is the last of the storms,” Diemst added. 


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