Twin Cities public works departments prep for potential flooding

With rain and warmer temperatures in the forecast this week, public works crews across the metro are bringing out the heavy equipment in order to minimize the effects of flooding.

“We’ve been trying to clear out as many catch basins as possible,” said Chris Link of Richfield Public Works.

In Richfield, there are more than 5,000 catch basins and sewer drains lining the streets. Officials say the record snowfall, combined with rain and rising temperatures could lead to rising water.

“My biggest concern is street flooding, but I mean along with that comes flooding to people’s basements,” said Link.

“Here in the City of St. Paul, we are watching those weather forecasts really closely,” said Lisa Hiebert of St. Paul Public Works.

The City of St. Paul, which has a detailed flood plan in place, is also in prevention mode with a focus on low-lying areas.

“The concern for flooding is real,” said Hiebert.

Michael Kocur, a Richfield resident is outside doing what he can now, while his concerns grow.

“Yes, I am,” said Kocur. “A lot of rain at one time with all of this snow could be an issue in a lot of the areas.”

“There is going to be street flooding, so everyone should be prepared and ready for that,” said Link.