Twin Cities metro sees record-breaking ice-out dates

A lot of Minnesota lakes are still on track to break old records for the latest ice-out and with just a week to go until the fishing opener, anglers are crossing their fingers that the lakes will be ready. 

In the east metro, White Bear Lake is looking to break its May 4, 1950 record for the latest ice-out date, according to the Department of Natural Resources. As of Friday afternoon, there was still ice on the lake. 

On the opposite side of the Twin Cities, Lake Minnetonka stands a good chance of beating its ice-out record dating back to May 5, 1857. 

In Minneapolis, Bde Maka Ska continues to hold onto its last chunks of ice, but its ice out was officially declared on Tuesday, according to the DNR. The previous record for the latest ice out date was April 28, 2013. Lake Harriet declared ice-out Wednesday. 

The term ice-out is defined differently depending on the lake. Definitions vary from no ice at all, to being able to boat from shore to shore, to the lake being 90 percent ice-free. 

The DNR is reminding people that even if the ice on the lakes is thick, not to venture out onto it. Authorities received numerous reports of people falling through weak ice in the past week. 

With the ice melting fast now, it won’t be long until paddle boarders, boaters and beach goers are out in full force. 

Lake Pepin declared Minnesota's first ice-out of the year on April 20. For more 2018 ice-out dates, click here

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