Twin Cities metro coyote sightings trigger timely reminders

Coyote sightings are on an uptick across the Twin Cities.

Neighbors are reporting seeing the predators in all seven counties of the metro including a recent encounter in the area of Plymouth and Wayzata.

Experts say despite the uptick, there’s been no reports of any people or pets getting hurt this spring. Nevertheless, many neighborhood residents are concerned about what they’re seeing so close to their homes.

Andrew Van Benschoten and his daughter’s backyard summer routine recently got an unwanted visitor.

“She heard what she thought was a deer,” he said. “I looked up to see a coyote running. I’ve seen coyotes before, but it was surreal with a 40-pound animal there and my daughter - who is not that big - in between me and the animal.”

Mother Julie Mead, who lives in the same neighborhood, said she’s seen enough wildlife in her yard for a photo album—including coyotes.

“I went in the back to check out some trees and came nose to nose with one, and he was just as surprised to see me and he just went running,” she said.

She’s also a cat owner.

“We don’t let them out for that very reason,” Mead said.

Meanwhile, Area Wildlife Supervisor Bob Fashingbauer said just about every municipality is having these kind of issues.

“People are going outdoors, going on walks, and the coyotes are outside feeding their young,” he said.

Fashingbauer said you should always bring in your garbage, pet food, and birdfeeders at night to keep coyotes away from homes.

He hopes people realize that “humans have the same impact; we’re expanding into their territory.”
Fashingbauer also said coyotes can be very ecofriendly, as they “take care of the roadkill out there.”

For more information, check the DNR website.