Twin Cities couple crossing continental United States on foot

Erin Dietrich and her husband Chris Ray (Supplied)

A couple from the Twin Cities is approaching the end of an incredible trek taking them across the continental United States.

Erin Dietrich is walking more than 3,000 miles across the country with her husband Chris Ray. Together they are walking from Delaware to California to fulfill Erin’s more than 15-year dream.

"We all have some dreams that we put on the shelf and then they fade and disappear and then we move on to new things," explains Dietrich. "Walking across the country never faded and I never moved on to something else."

She's been saving for this moment for the last ten years and when it was time, they quit their jobs and rented out their home in Bloomington to start their journey this past March.

Erin says finding hidden gems on their journey has been among the highlights of the trek. "Yeah, the quirky things are cool but every day is has been the best part."

"Most people we meet have been amazing," she added. "Waking up in the middle of the desert or falling asleep looking at the stars."

If walking at least 20 miles weren’t enough, the couple is adding meaning to their walk by partnering with the Ann Bancroft Foundation, an organization that works to empower young girls to reach their full potential.

"It's an opportunity to let other women have confidence, feel good and explore their passions," she explained.

The two are currently in Nevada and their plan is to make it to California by Halloween.