Twin Cities community mourns the loss of music icon David Bowie

Music legend David Bowie passed away Sunday after an 18-month battle with cancer. And he made quite the impact in Minnesota.

The sounds of sorrow filled the air Monday as fans mourned his death -- "I've been very very sad. I'm a huge David Bowie fan. Have been most of my life," fan Orion Treon said.

His last album "Blackstar" sold out Friday at the Electric Fetus in south Minneapolis.

From the glam rock of “Ziggy Stardust,” to the gender bending pre-punk sound of “Diamond Dogs,” the musical chameleon marched to the beat of his own drum.

"He had a unique impact on musicians," Jim McGuinn, program director at The Current, said. "He was truly an inspiration to thousands of artists who've come over the last four decades. He really was a trailblazer, always moving forward. Never afraid to take a left turn. And the thing with Bowie’s turns, others would follow in his wake."

The Current radio station played ten straight hours of Bowie's back catalog in chronological order on Monday.

"He moved rock music from the 60's into the 70's," McGuinn said. "He presaged the punk rock movement, laid the groundwork for modern rock. Even up until his last years he was experimenting to his last album."

It’s no coincidence that Bowie sings about death and re-birth on that album -- his producer called it a parting gift to his fans. But as tributes pour in from around the world, it's clear his musical legacy will live on forever.