Trump considering National Guard for immigration roundups

The Trump administration is considering mobilizing as many as 100,000 National Guard troops to round up unauthorized immigrants, according to the Associated Press. President Trump and the White House have denied the AP report.

The report comes one day after businesses throughout the country closed for a day to show how important immigrants are to America’s economy.

The Associated Press obtained a draft memo that outlines a Trump administration proposal under consideration to mobilize National Guard troops to round up unauthorized immigrants. The 11-page document calls for the deployment of National Guard troops for immigration enforcement as far north as Portland, Oregon and as far east as New Orleans, Louisiana.

Four states that border on Mexico are included in the proposal -- California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas -- but the draft memo also includes 7 additional states -- Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.

Governors in affected states would have final approval of whether troops under their control participate.

US law on deployment of the National Guard for federal service
10 U.S. Code § 12406 - National Guard in Federal service: call

(1) the United States, or any of the Commonwealths or possessions, is invaded or is in danger of invasion by a foreign nation;

(2) there is a rebellion or danger of a rebellion against the authority of the Government of the United States; or

(3) the President is unable with the regular forces to execute the laws of the United States;
the President may call into Federal service members and units of the National Guard of any State in such numbers as he considers necessary to repel the invasion, suppress the rebellion, or execute those laws.

Orders for these purposes shall be issued through the governors of the States or, in the case of the District of Columbia, through the commanding general of the National Guard of the District of Columbia.