Trolley catches fire along I-35W in Roseville, Minn.

 A trolley caught fire along I-35W Saturday evening. (photo via Josh Eastman)

Firefighters say no one was hurt after flames tore through a trolley vehicle along I-35W in Roseville on Saturday.

Officials were called to the 35W/Highway 36 split around 6:30 p.m. for the fire.

Videos posted online show flames engulfing the vehicle as cars passed. Photos posted by the Roseville Fire Department show only the shell of the trolley left after the fire was extinguished.

Because the trolley burned so thoroughly, firefighters say it will be difficult for them to determine the cause. According to the Roseville Fire Department, the trolley, along with another vehicle, was returning from an event when the driver noticed smoke.

He was able to pull over and get off before the vehicle became fully engulfed. We're told he was the only on board at the time.