Train delayed 28 hours due to Wisconsin flooding arrives in St. Paul

The devastation from widespread flooding in Wisconsin continues as roads remain closed, impacting travel throughout the state.

Trains were delayed for hours. More than 200 passengers aboard an Amtrak train headed for St. Paul’s Union Depot were delayed for nearly 28 hours in Wisconsin because of flooding on the tracks. The train finally pulled into the station around 7 p.m. Wednesday.

"Then they said we'll be leaving in 2 hours, we never left, we sat there for nine more hours," said Chris Golston of St. Paul.

The train was unable to get through the massive flooding on the tracks in parts of Portage and La Crosse. Sara Schultz of St. Paul was on the train with her young son and three-month-old daughter.

"I packed enough diapers and we did ok," said Schultz.

Storms pounded parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin over the last few days. Residents in rural areas, like Coon Valley just south of La Crosse, say this is the worst flooding they've seen in more than 10 years.

“Not this bad – ever, said, ‘I’ve seen flooding we get it often, but not like this, no,’” Julie Noth, a Coon Valley business owner. 

Local first responders hopped on boats, ATVs and used whatever means to rescue people from the rising waters across the state. Even Fox 9's Randy Meier posted a photo of his aunt being evacuated Wednesday in Gay Mills, Wisconsin on the Kickapoo River.

In Calumet County, law enforcement rescued an 11-year-old boy who was swept away in a storm sewer. A firefighter saw his finger sticking out of the drain.

"It really is probably more of a miracle,” said Harrison Fire Rescue Chief Amos Mikkelson. “Chances are, he probably popped up in that spot because that was the first spot where there was an air pocket, and so his body probably trying to float got there and he realized there's a handle and started just pulling himself up because that was where there was air."

That young boy is said to be doing okay.

Despite all the evacuations, water rescues and major delays on trains, so far there have been any reports of serious injuries or deaths.