Totino-Grace show choir wins international competition

It's not the same old song for a Fridley high school this year.

Totino-Grace made history at an international show choir competition.

The high school's show choir "Company Of Singers" is getting a hero's welcome after being named Grand Champion at the Show Choir Canada Championships in Toronto last weekend.

It's not only the first time in the group's 27-year history it took part in an international competition, it is also the first time a show choir from the United States has won Canada's top title.

"That is pretty exciting because it's taking that trophy from the Canadians. They were super supportive, so that was really fun, but we also knew it would be part of our challenge," Show Choir Director Terry Voss said.

The students have been practicing since August, so it’s no surprise their hard work paid off.

But for seniors like Katie Lawless, it will be their swan song before graduating in a couple of months.

"They said in our critique we really came across as a family. I think that's what's unique about Company Of Singers. We're all really close. We're all really good friends and that really registers on stage," Lawless said.

The race to the finish line may be over for this year, but hopefully the lessons learned will last a lifetime.

"I think being part of a team and working hard and having pride in a product they put on stage, those are skills that will follow her for the rest of her life." said Lawless' mother Sally.

Company Of Singers will get an encore when they perform at their annual Pops Concert in May.