TOP TEACHER: Greg Lenn, 4th grade teacher at Malone Intermediate School

Mr. Greg Lenn, a fourth grade teacher at Malone Intermediate School in Prescott, Wis. is one of Fox 9’s Top Teachers for the 2017-2018 school year. 

Lenn has been an educator for 28 years. 

His nominator, Mindy Allsop, is a parent of a child in Lenn's fourth grade class. Allsop said Mr. Lenn has done more than help his students succeed academically, he also teaches them life skills such as treating other students with dignity and respect. 

Allsop’s daughter and her best friend, Ava, had the good fortune of having Mr. Lenn as their teacher for both second and fourth grade, she said. Ava had been battling leukemia for five years and passed away in October. Mr. Lenn took it upon himself to help the children heal; after losing a classmate and friend, he provided a shoulder to cry on and a listening ear. In an extremely difficult life circumstance, he has persevered. 

Lenn is also a veteran, runs marathons to raise money for charities, and above all he inspires students to dream big and never give up. 

As a Fox 9 Top Teacher, Lenn’s school received $900 from Royal Credit Union for classroom supplies. Lenn will also receive a Subway sandwich party for 50 friends and a crystal apple award to place on his desk.