Teen comes across 13-year-old lying in road, saves his life in Coon Rapids, Minn.

A young Minnesota teen is being praised for nearly saving the life of another teen that he came across lying in the street in Coon Rapids, Minn. The two live on different streets and go to different schools, crossing paths for the very first time.

“I happened to glance down this road, I see him laying right on this road. So I go down there to investigate,” 14-year-old Ian McDeid told Fox 9.  “And there's blood all over his face, 80 percent of his face was covered in blood.”

Haris Racic, 13, said after school he was heading home on his bike and then suddenly blacked out on Crocus Avenue -- “And the next thing I remember is just waking up in the middle of the road with Ian standing right above me asking me what happened."

McDeid comforted Racic, called 9-1-1, and waited until the ambulance arrived.  His mom said he suffered a mild concussion, some cuts to his hands and face, and a shiner that hasn't fully healed.

“If he wasn't there, who knows what could have happened to me,” Racic said.

For now, what caused Racic to fall remains a mystery since there were no eye witnesses. But what's evident is that McDeid hopes this encourages others to stop and help others.

“Just do it, even if you know you're running late for something, just do it,” he says.

Once Racic gets to high school, he said promises to be a Good Samaritan outside and inside the classroom.