Take it from Randy Meier - when it comes to winter driving, plan for the unexpected

When it comes to winter driving, being prepared for the unexpected is key.

That's exactly what happened to FOX 9's Randy Meier on his way home from work late Sunday night. Freezing rain had turned roads throughout Minnesota into glare ice. When the county roads near Meier's home became too treacherous, he pulled his vehicle off to a safe location. He alerted police, but when they determined it was unsafe to send a squad car, Meier finished off the two-mile journey on foot.

Luckily, Meier was properly prepared for the situation. Equipped with rain gear, winter boots and a flashlight, he made it safely home.

"As soon as I knew that I was going to have to be on foot in the storm, I reached into my winter survival kti that I had put in my car at the beginning of the season and I had everything I needed to stay warm and dry for the walk home," said Meier. "As we often remind people in our newcasts, winter survival kits should be in every driver's car this time of year."

Meier's experience is one many Minnesotans could relate with. On Thursday, snow-covered roads made for difficult driving conditions with more than 560 crashes and nearly 800 spinouts statewide.

Minnesota Department of Public Safety suggests drivers keep a winter driving survival kit for these types of situations. Some of those items include: a cell phone charger, plastic flashlight, shovel, kitty litter and winter weather clothing.

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