Taco Bien is a hidden gem in Lonsdale, Minnesota

After finding success as a pop-up kitchen inside the American Legion in Lonsdale, Taco Bien is now a full-time food vendor bringing in big crowds and helping to serve the community. 

Chef Daniel Garza brings his Mexican heritage and cooking expertise to the Legion. Originally, he was only serving up tacos and other dishes a few days a week, sometimes as take-out only. As word spread and his popularity grew, he took over the space and has been drawing in new customers. 

"I grew up in Mexico, Monterrey, Mexico, and I love the food and I noticed especially in this town there aren’t many options," Chef Daniel said. 

Now, Chef Daniel and his business partner, Chris Meyer, are bringing a taste of his home to the south of the Twin Cities metro. 

"It is next level. I can’t get enough. I’ve come here every day for the last two weeks," one customer said. 

Chef Daniel said it was important to him partner with a place like the American Legion because of his father’s service. 

"Because my dad was a Marine, he passed away last year, it’s important for me to be at the Legion because veterans and servicemen are great people and [I have] all the respect for them," Chef Daniel said. 

Known for his birria tacos, Chef Daniel is not only feeding happy customers. Those profits are helping the Legion support community programs that support veterans. 

"It’s really allowed us to get back to focusing on being a legion, being the best legion we can be, and supporting the veterans' groups that we do," Legion bar manager Troy Walters says.