System to issue REAL IDs goes live in Minnesota Oct. 1

A new driver's services system able to issue REAL IDs goes live in Minnesota on October 1.

The new system allows Minnesotans to use a pre-application system to fill in much of their ID information online, which will help speed up time in the driver's license offices. The system will also help Minnesotans identify which license option best suits their needs. These tools will be available on the Department of Safety website starting Oct. 1.

The standard Minnesota license or ID card is acceptable for federal purposes, including domestic flights, until Oct. 1, 2020. Since the deadline is two years away, for now, officials are asking residents to wait to apply. Officials are asking Minnesotans only to apply for REAL ID if they need to update their address or name or renew their current license.

Officials have been testing the system statewide for the past five months. System representatives will be at the offices throughout Minnesota for the first two weeks of October to help with the launch.

Those applying are asked to bring all their required documents with them. For more information, click here.