Suspect in stolen vehicle arrested in Maple Grove after several pursuits

A suspect that police believe was involved in the theft of a vehicle was apprehended in Maple Grove Sunday after a chase from police that spanned multiple phases.

At around 8:52 p.m. Brooklyn Park officers observed a vehicle that previously fled from officers earlier in the day in the vicinity of Brooklyn Blvd and Hampshire Ave North.

Officers attempted to stop the vehicle again, but it fled and a pursuit ensued that was ultimately terminated, according to police.

Police remained in the area of Brooklyn Blvd and Hampshire Ave North when officers observed the vehicle, now with no license plates, and a male walking away. 

When officers attempted to stop the male on foot, he fled and removed his jacket when the officer saw that he was armed with a handgun, according to police.

However, the male was able to get back to the vehicle before more officers arrived in the area, and again fled in the vehicle.

A pursuit ensued and ended in the 7100 block of Teakwood Circle North in Maple Grove when he was apprehended. 

According to police, a loaded handgun was located in the area where the male initially fled on foot, and the vehicle the male suspect was driving was determined to be stolen from Minneapolis.