Surveillance video shows Aurora children returning wallet they found

Three Colorado kids stopped playing when they found a wallet sitting in someone’s driveway, and did their best to return it to the owner.

Jamie Carlton wasn’t home, but his surveillance video captured the act of kindness. On July 18, the camera outside of her Aurora home saw the three young ones riding their bicycles. They placed their bicycles down, and a brother and sister approached the front door holding the wallet.

Haylie and Reagan Wenke, identified by KUSA, told the media outlet they were just doing the right thing.

When they arrived on the front porch, an automated voice from the surveillance system said, “Hi, we can’t answer the door right now but the camera is recording. So, please just leave us a message. Thanks for coming by.”

Reagan responded with, “We found your wallet outside of your car and we just thought we’d give it back to you. So, I don’t know,” he explained as he looked around for a good hiding spot.

“I’m going to put it over here, so no one takes any money,” he said, and places the wallet someplace off camera.

They all returned back to their bicycles and rode away. 

Carlton shared the surveillance video on her Facebook page on Tuesday in hopes of finding the children and rewarding them. Within a day, the mother of the Wenke siblings made contact.

It turned out that the owner of the wallet, Nigel Drake, was walking into the home when the wallet fell out of his pocket, KUSA reported, holding $700 inside.