Superbowl cocktails made with AVIV 613 Vodka

Marc Grossfield, CEO and Founder of AVIV 613 Vodka, created cocktails formulated specifically for this Sunday. No matter if the Seahawks or Patriots win, these Superbowl-inspired drinks will be a sure victory. 

AVIV New England Cape Codder

2 oz AVIV 613 Vodka

4 oz of Cranberry Juice

Cherry to Garnish

Mix AVIV 613 Vodka, ice, and cranberry juice in a cocktail shaker, while praying to the game day gods. Pour with a good thought for victory, top with a cherry for victory, and sip with images of the end zone.

AVIV Seattle Seabreeze

2 oz. AVIV 613 Vodka

2 oz. Cranberry Juice

2 oz. Natural Apple Juice

Muddle AVIV 613 Vodka and chopped apple spear over ice in a shaker. Pour in cranberry and natural apple juice and shake vigorously like a touchdown dance. Pour with good thoughts for victory, and sip with thoughts of wide open receivers.

Since its release just over a year ago, AVIV 613 Vodka has been made available in over 400 bars, restaurants and liquor stores throughout Minnesota. The luxury vodka has won 6 gold medals for taste. It's also now available in California, Wisconsin, Florida, New York, and New Jersey.