Students create graduation song for Minneapolis Public Schools

Many seniors walk into graduation to the sounds of “Pomp and Circumstance,” but this year a new song hopes to get graduating students at Minneapolis Public Schools to sing a different tune.

A couple of alumni from the Future Boys and Girls at Franklin Middle School wrote and performed a song with some help from the program's founder and Roosevelt High School's band teacher as a send-off to the district's high school graduates.

With a refrain of "We graduated, we made it,” the song celebrates students’ success. The three-minute video shows previous and current seniors enjoying the rite of passage with their families and friends.

“Graduation is a time when you have been through a lot, stressing, good times and bad times,” said Akwame Stewart, a Henry High School junior, who performs on the track. “At the end, hard work, dedication and motivation really pays off."

The Future Boys and Girls went viral earlier this year with a video reminding Super Bowl visitors to bring coats, hats and gloves to enjoy the big game. The founder believes the MPS graduation song has the potential to be embraced the same way.

"I hope people enjoy it however big it gets,” said Michael Bratsch, Future Boys and Girls Founder. “It's a celebration for our district. For the rest of the state and for the nation."

While this year's graduating classes bask in their achievement and prepare to move on, the Future Boys and Girls alumni hope their song inspires other students to set the same goal.

"It’s important because not everyone has that background or support to tell them or encourage them,” said Iyonna Riddley, North High School sophomore, who appears on the song. “It’s important that we tell them we support you and we're by your side. No matter what."