Student released from jail, assaulted staff member sitting up and talking

The 18-year-old student who assaulted a school staff member at a Minneapolis alternative school was released from jail by a judge Thursday afternoon. 

Corey Burfield is charged with first and second degree assault for allegedly attacking Mohammed Dukuly, a teaching assistant at Harrison Education Center, at school earlier this week. Harrison is an alternative school for students with severe emotional and behavioral needs. 

According to the criminal complaint, a school resource officer saw Burfield walk up to Dukuly and knock him to the ground then punch him multiple times in the head and neck. Burfield had to be “forcibly removed” from Dukuly, who became unresponsive. 

In addition to multiple witnesses, surveillance cameras also captured the attack. According to the charges, the video shows Burfield first tried to grab Dukuly's belt, which is where Dukuly keeps his building keys and campus radio. When Dukuly attempted to push Burfield away, the teen grabbed Dukuly by the shirt, pushed him against a wall and to the floor and started punching.

Burfield made his first court appearance on Thursday. The judge released Burfield from jail because they did not consider him a flight risk. He will, however, be confined to his home with an electronic monitoring ankle bracelet. 

Dukuly remains in critical condition at Hennepin County Medical Center. His family told Fox 9 on Thursday that he is making significant improvements like sitting up, talking and reciting answers to personal questions like his birthday. But, Dukuly cannot remember what happened in the school hallway.