Stolen Minnesota 'rink rat' van found at Pier 1 in Eden Prairie

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Mark Hultgren and his wife, Marya, own and operate STB-Screen Printing & Embroidery out of Bloomington, Minn., but they're perhaps most recognized for creating the "rink rat" t-shirts that have been donned by Minnesota high school athletes for decades.

Hultgren's "Rat Van," his office on wheels with cartoon rats in various sporting attire spanning the entire vehicle in vivid color, was allegedly stolen from Ve-Nel Lettering at 2806 East 42nd Street in Minneapolis on Wednesday around 7 p.m.

"All I know is I keep thinking of all the things that are in it… it was my office on wheels," Hultgren wrote on his Facebook page.

Come Thursday afternoon, Hultgren confirmed the van was found at Pier 1 Imports in Eden Prairie with 3 people living inside.

"We got the Van and 3 people in it...they were living in it. Thanks for all your help in finding my van in over 600 people that took the time to share my post… Please let people know that it is found so I can drive it again and not get pulled over," he wrote in a Facebook update.

The gym rat t-shirts are often sold at Minnesota State High School League sporting events, the rats dressed in competing teams' jerseys as a memento to take home from the event.