St. Paul school board to start in-person meetings next week as district moves to hybrid learning

As the district switches from being fully-online to allowing some in-person schooling, the St. Paul Schools Board of Education will begin holding in-person meetings.

In a release, the school board said Friday they feel they should follow along with the same shift as the rest of the district.

“As SPPS implements the first stage of hybrid learning for our students and staff, we believe the Board of Education should model this movement by also transitioning our Board meetings,” wrote school board chair Jeanelle Foster.

The St. Paul Board of Education says the in-person meeting will follow CDC guidelines to limit COVID-19 spread. They will also continue to allow virtual access to the meetings.

There will also be limits to how many people - including board members - can attend in-person. Public comments will also continue to be conducted virtually, either by emailing, calling or sending comments online.

In-person meetings will begin for the St. Paul Schools Board of Education on Tuesday, October 20.