St. Paul celebrates Charles Schulz, The Peanuts Movie

St. Paul rolled out the red carpet on Tuesday to honor one of its most famous sons. Mayor Chris Coleman issued a proclamation making it Charles Schulz Day -- and Hollywood was on hand for the occasion with festivities for the premiere of The Peanuts Movie.

Coleman presented Charles’ son Craig Schulz with the proclamation. Craig is also a writer and producer for The Peanuts Movie.

“We are honored to welcome Craig Schulz, the director and cast of The Peanuts Movie to Saint Paul to celebrate the achievements and creativity of Charles M. Schulz,” Coleman said. “His iconic characters are special not only to Twin Cities residents, but to millions of people around the world.”

The Peanuts has special significance in Minnesota because Schulz grew up in St. Paul. But sixty-five years after being introduced to the world in a comic strip, Charlie Brown and the rest of the peanuts gang are being introduced to a new generation of fans. This time, the gang’s adventures are being told in 3-D animation.

“I think its generational,” Peanuts fan Meagan Johnson said. “My mom grew up with them too, 60's and 70's. So if you grew up with it you want to share it with your kids.”

Many parents were fans of the peanuts when they were kids and now they want to show their kids why the peanuts are so special.

“I think they like it because they can relate, they are little kids -- there are no adults in at all,” Peanuts fan Katie Schwartz said. “So it’s all about what little kids can do.”

The event also featured trick-or-treating, photos with Snoopy, and music.