St. Louis Park, Apple Valley compete in Minnesota's first high school drone racing competition

Minnesota’s first ever drone racing competition for high school students occurred Saturday.

Students from Apple Valley and St. Louis Park competed as they learned how to build, modify and fly the drones.

They are able to see a drone’s point-of-view while flying through different obstacle courses created by the students.

It’s something that never would have happened just a few years ago, according to a professional.

“I'm impressed, but I'm not super shocked,” said Chris Spangler, a professional drone racer. “It's impressive to see how fast they’re picking it up and taking it, especially I know some of them are only working in class, and some are working outside of class to try to improve their skills, but I didn’t think that they would go as far as they have in the last couple weeks.”

Right now, only Apple Valley and St. Louis Park offer drone programs.