St. Cloud State hockey team shelters at jail during blizzard

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All the St. Cloud State hockey team wanted to do was get back home to celebrate their Penrose Cup win, but an ambitious plan to try and get around the weather would get them in an interesting situation.

"We’re on Highway 60 and 60 shutdown and somehow we thought if we got to Highway 15 we’d be home free back to St. Cloud," said St. Cloud State Assistant Hockey Coach Mike Gibbons.

Even the Husky defense was no match for blizzard conditions in southern Minnesota Sunday as the team bus found itself stuck between two massive snow drifts. With no shovels on board, the players got off the bus and tried to use their hockey sticks to dig out.

"People keep asking me, do you really think you can shovel with hockey sticks?” said defenseman Jimmy Schuldt. “The answer is no. But we had 30 guys on a bus, hockey sticks and we’re just sitting there with nothing to do, so it was worth a try."

Pretty soon, the sheriff of Watonwan County was there to give the bus driver a nice lecture and plow a path back to the county jail.

“It was cool for us,” said Schuldt. “I mean none of us have really been to jail or at least I hope most of us haven’t.”

After posing for a photo with the Penrose Cup, the sheriff ordered the boys some of the best food his jail has to offer.

"I think he was a Mankato State fan, but hopefully we got him over to our side now," said Coach Gibbons.

“I think our only options were either McDonald’s or I think what they said was the place that makes the jail food,” said Schuldt.

While the boys were ready to spend the night at the jail, the sheriff eventually gave them the all clear to hit the road. More than 15 hours after leaving Omaha, they pulled into St. Cloud -- happy to put their time in jail behind them.

“I don’t know if it was smart team building, but it was good team building,” said Coach Gibbons.