Solar field causes major headaches for couple in Waverly, Minnesota

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A solar field in the small town of Waverly, Minn. is making a big impact for one couple who claims that construction on the project destroyed their property's drainage pipes, and by extension their yard.

Now, they're looking to the city in an attempt to fix the problem, but say it's been months and their pleas have all been ignored.

"I want to stay here, I don’t want to be forced out," said Mike Wren, who has lived on the property for years. "The city has to take responsibility, they should have been up here looking at this and seeing how it’s going to affect us."

The couple's biggest fear is that the drainage issues could put their septic system in jeopardy, slowly eroding their property and threatening the house itself. The Wrens have hired a lawyer and claim the city didn't deliver on its promise to install a berm that would protect their land.

"The water basin is pretty full, which is what they thought would solve any water issues," said Carol Wren. "It has solved nothing, absolutely nothing."

Waverly Mayor Connie Holmes is sympathetic to the Wren's situation but says it can only help so much--it's ultimately between them and the solar company what happens. Someone from Mortensen, the company that owns the solar garden, is scheduled to survey the grounds next week.