Snow emergencies, restrictions confuse Twin Cities metro parkers

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St. Paul and other Twin Cities metro area city leaders are keeping a close eye on all the snow coming down Saturday.

With parking restrictions already in place and a potential snow emergency coming on top of that, some residents are wondering which parking rules they should be following.

62 years of living in St. Paul means 62 winters for Randy Schaffer. He’s joining many of his neighbors getting ready for another bout with snow.

“It seems like we’ve been getting a lot of snow,” Schaffer said.

Saturday evening’s snowfall could force city leaders to declare another snow emergency, leaving more questions for drivers looking for places to park or get around.

“It’s hard for two vehicles to get up and down one way,” Schaffer said.

St. Paul city leaders have declared at least six snow emergencies since Jan. 28.

A city spokesperson told FOX 9 that one-sided residential street parking ban is in effect now and a snow emergency will likely be declared Sunday. 

If declared, one-sided parking would end at 4 p.m. and snow emergency parking rules would go into effect at 9 p.m.

One-sided parking would go back into effect Tuesday at 8 a.m.

These parking restrictions could impact Schaffer and his St. Paul neighbors. For the latest from the city of St. Paul, visit their snow emergency update web page

“There’s a lot of cars parked on the even side, then there’s nowhere to park, so they park on the odd side also,” he said. “It’s hard to figure out what’s going to happen.”

As of 8:45 p.m. Saturday, snow emergencies or winter parking restrictions have been announced in Robbinsdale, St. Louis Park, Golden Valley, Montevideo, Crystal and Brooklyn Park.