Sisters give back with candle making charity

Sometimes it doesn't take much to spark an idea.

In fact, sisters Lauren and Ella Reilly aren't sure when their idea actually got started. But they knew they wanted to make the world a little brighter.

"I really like candles and Lauren really likes helping people and stuff like that and since I like candles I came up with the idea and made a product," said Ella.

But the two girls, with the help of their dad, started a candle making business with the purpose of raising money for charity. Twenty percent of the revenue goes to four separate charities: Animal Humane Society, The Smile Network, Hope Kids and Perspectives.

"We've both been very fortunate throughout our lives,” said Lauren. “I think it's important to give to other people. If I have the ability, I should help other people I guess."

The $30 price tag on the candles covers the cost of having the candles made with enough room for $6 to go to their causes.

They are starting small, but hoping it will become something big.

"I really want to see it grow and hopefully, one day give a million dollars to a certain charity and really help people,” said Ella. “That will make a huge impact."

And that's a bright idea.

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