Selfie shows Jayme Closs reunited with aunt, godmother

A photo of Jayme Closs (right) and her aunt and godmother Jennifer Naiberg Smith. It's the first photo of Jayme since she has been reunited with her family. Photo Courtesy: Jennifer Naiberg Smith

Jayme Closs and her aunt and godmother Jennifer Naiberg Smith are reunited Friday afternoon as evidenced by a selfie posted on Facebook of the two. 

The photo shows a happy Naiberg Smith and a smiling Closs cuddled with Closs' dog.

The family sent the photo to the "Healing for Jayme Closs" Facebook Group after it was taken early Friday afternoon. 

Thursday, Naiberg Smith told FOX 9 how excited she was for the moment pictured Friday. 

“She’s coming home,” she said. “Just happy with lots of emotions and tears tonight, but so happy and I can’t wait to hug that little girl.”

Closs was found by police Thursday after she had been missing for the previous 88 days