Santa makes special visit, riding a fire truck to see young girl in Victoria, Minnesota

Joslyn watches as Santa passes by. (FOX 9)

A little girl in Victoria, Minnesota got an incredible gift for the holidays on Saturday when she got a special visit from Santa Claus.

According to her parents, Joslyn Rogers - who has cerebral palsy - wanted nothing more for Christmas than to see Santa Claus. But, due to COVID-19 restrictions and health concerns, that wasn't possible this year.

However, thanks to an initiative from local first responders, her parents were able to set up a special visit on Saturday.

Around 1:30 p.m., Santa Claus got in a classic red fire truck and passed down her street as part of a mini-parade for Joslyn.

"It was really exciting because it was my first time [seeing Santa]," said Joslyn. "I think it was very good he was able to come to our house because I couldn't see him."

"Merry Christmas, everybody," Joslyn added.