Sanctuary for elderly dogs opens, inspired by rescued senior beagle mix

A Missouri shelter opened earlier this month as a sanctuary specifically for elderly dogs. 

Russell Clothier, president of Shep's Place Senior Dog Sanctuary in Independence, sold his own house to buy another home dedicated to the senior dogs. The rescue home, about 10 miles east of Kansas City, opened April 6. 

Clothier's rescue dog Shep, who is about 10 years old, inspired the idea.The senior beagle mix represents the model of the type of dog that they want to help. 

Clothier was a volunteer at a local shelter and observed that the puppies would be “snatched up,” while the elderly dogs would remain.  

“The puppies, you'd see one time and then they would be gone, because everyone would come in and snatch up the puppies,” he said. “But every time I'd come back, the old dogs would just be there. And I just love the old dogs.” 

He said it hurts him to see the dogs who have grown up in a home now stuck in their kennels. 

“This is no way for them to spend their golden years,” Clothier said. “So my wife and I said we need to do something to get them out of there and into a house, so they can live like a normal dog.” 

The sanctuary is completely volunteer-based and is always looking for volunteers. Clothier also said he is thankful for the “gratifying response” he's received. 

Shep's Place has a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for renovations to the rescue home.