Robbinsdale sets off detonations to build new water treatment site

Robbinsdale is building a new water treatment facility.

The city of Robbinsdale set off detonations hundreds of feet underground to help create a new water treatment site Tuesday.

Last fall, Robbinsdale began building their new water treatment plant in Lee Park as, like many cities, the 100-year-old water system is desperately needed an upgrade. With that comes retiring three old wells and the drilling of two new ones after boring down several hundred feet into the aquifer.

Strings of C-4 explosives were wired onto a cable, lowered to the bottom and detonated. It will be done multiple times over several days, creating a bigger cavity - an underground reservoir - to supply the city.

Because they’re so far down, the explosions are fairly muffled, but if anyone wonders what’s making noise, it’s this project.