Robbinsdale councilman enrolls in rehab after drunken police chase

Tyler Kline was arrested shortly after midnight on Monday following a chase, prosecutors say.

A Robbinsdale city council member says he is enrolling in an addiction treatment program at Hazelden Betty Ford after police say he was involved in a wrong-way chase over the weekend while he was drunk.

According to a criminal complaint filed this week, Tyler Kline was arrested shortly after midnight on Monday morning after the chase on Highway 100 and County Road 81. According to police, Kline was involved in a wrong-way crash near Highway 100 and Brooklyn Boulevard.

But, after the crash, police say Kline took off, continuing south, in the wrong direction, down northbound lanes. After being spotted going the wrong way, police tried to stop him on an exit ramp at France Avenue, but they say Kline drove around and patrol car and kept going the wrong way.

Officers had to use PIT maneuvers to finally get Kline's vehicle stopped, officers said. Even then, officers said Kline refused to get out of his vehicle. Once ripped out of the car by police, officers say he smelled of alcohol. According to the charges against Kline, he later registered blood-alcohol content of .20 – more than double the legal limit of .08.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, Kline writes that he made "several horrible decisions" that resulted in his arrest. Now he plans to enroll in what he calls an "high intesity" program for addiction treatment at Hazelden.

Kline writes:

On January 24 I made several horrible decisions that led to my arrest on DUI and Fleeing charges. I feel immense shame and regret for my actions. I put many people in danger and I am so incredibly sorry. I am lucky that I didn’t seriously hurt anyone and I am truly lucky to be alive. This event has led me to admitting that I have a serious addiction that I can’t address on my own. I am in the process of enrolling in a 6-week High-Intensity program at the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation. I want and need to be better for my family, friends, and community. I want to be open about this situation because I take my responsibility as a parent, friend, and public servant seriously.

Kline was released from jail on Tuesday evening after his arrest. He is scheduled to return to court next month on the charges.