Road rage incident escalates into vicious assault

A dispute between two motorists in Brooklyn spilled onto the street where it escalated into a knife attack and an assault with a vehicle.

In the video taken by a bystander, one man is seen attempting to slash the other over and over again as the other man takes a swing.

The man with the knife takes the motorist's car keys and takes off in the vehicle. The car pins the victim against a van until he falls to the ground.

The attacker then smashes into other cars as he takes off.

The NYPD is looking for the attacker in the white Honda.

The vicious assault took place on July 24 on busy McGuinness Boulevard in the Greenpoint neighborhood.

Motorists watching the incident unfold can be heard honking their horns. One man attempts to stop the fight but he is pushed away.

The victim sustained injuries to his hands and hips. He was expected to recover.