Report: Record $335.6 million in liquor sales at Minnesota municipal stores

State Auditor Rebecca Otto released the annual Analysis of Municipal Liquor Store Operations report on Wednesday, the data compares 2014 liquor operations owned and operated by Minnesota cities.

There were 200 Minnesota cities operating 233 municipal liquor stores in 2014. According to the report, Lakeville, Edina, and Eden Prairie respectively had the highest gross sales for 2014.

While the majority of municipally-owned liquor stores are located in Greater Minnesota, 19 cities within the Metro Area own and operate liquor establishments. Metro Area liquor operations are considerably larger and more profitable than their Greater Minnesota counterparts. 

Highlights from the report:

- Minnesota's municipal liquor operations reported a 19th consecutive year of record sales, totaling $335.6 million in 2014. Total sales generated in 2014 increased by $2.8 million from 2013. 

- The combined net profit of all Minnesota municipal liquor operations totaled $27.3 million in 2014 -- an increase of $476,728 from 2013. 

- Among individual liquor operations that were in business for all of 2014, total sales ranged from $121,410 in Round Lake to $14.9 million in Lakeville.

- Minnesota's municipal liquor stores transferred $19.1 million of their profits to other city funds in 2014. Net transfers totaled $7.1 million among Metro Area establishments, $12 million for Greater Minnesota.

- 34 Minnesota cities reported net losses for 2014, compared to 33 cities in 2013.  All 33 cities with losses are located in Greater Minnesota.

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